Monitoring Sites

Currently there are no air monitoring locations. Funding and the lab used for research from the University of Louisville have been dismantled and are no longer available. The information below was collected prior to the cancellation of the project.

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# Name Location
1 Louisville Firearms Training Center 4201 Algonquin Parkway
2 Southwick Community Center** 3621 Southern Avenue
3 Ralph Ave. / Campground Road 4211 Campground Road
4 Old Lake Dreamland Fire Department** 4603 Campground Road
5 Otter Creek Park* ** Otter Creek Parkway
6 UofL Shelby Campus* 9001 Shelbyville Road
7 Farnsley Middle School 3400 Lees Lane
8 New Lake Dreamland Fire Department** 4603 Cane Run Road
9 Chicaksaw Park Algonquin Parkway
10 King Elementary** 4325 Vermont Avenue
11 St. Stephen Baptist Church** 1008 South 15th Street
12 Cane Run Elementary 3951 Cane Run Road

*Indicates an off-map site

**Information not available

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