Executive Director

From the Executive Director

As Executive Director of the West Jefferson County Community Task Force, I thank the Board for their support and perseverance. For all who have given, we are deeply grateful.
Twenty years is not long in the fight to define, environmental justice, injustice, equity or inequity, equality or inequality. Our history leaves a legacy of disproportionate and disadvantaged exposures for many, to air emissions, water and soil pollutants, leading to disproportionate negative health effects, including stress levels that perpetrate our very existence in negative ways

The legacy will continue as long as Environmental Justice (EJ) consideration for community values, pride, culture and economic benefit are placed second to the bottom line of emerging technology and businesses.  Robotics replacing man, new ways of learning, quantity vs. quality, the race for control vs. outcome, disregarding consequences, stem from demands we as consumers require, allowing ourselves to become complacent to the physical world around us, not realizing that we all have three things in common, the air we breathe, the water we consume and the soil that sustains us. Consumer vs. demand, is that where we start or where we end?

The Task Force mission is to provide study, research and valid information that will empower residents to be a structural part of proactive change in our community. The air has no borders. If we do not take ownership and care of our environment, the reality that may become common to all, is non-existence.

Environmental Stewardship has a name.  Is it yours?


Arnita Gadson

Executive Director

The WJCCTF meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., at the NIA Center.



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