UofL Shelby Campus

9001 Shelbyville Road

9001 Shelbyville Road

Monitoring Phase and Group:
Phase 1 (1999) and Phase 2 (2000) Groups 1

Site Type:
Urban activity control site

Air Contaminants Monitored:
VOC, metals, formaldehyde, semivolatile organics, acidic reactive aerosols

Monitoring agency:
US Environmental Protection Agency

* Phase 1 was funded by the 1998 Kentucky General Assembly HB 321. This phase was conducted from July to November 1999 for qualitative analysis of VOC air pollutants.

** Phase 2 Group 1 is funded by EPA Community-Based Environmental Protection (CBEP) project. For more information, please visit theĀ EPA CBEP.
Phase 2 Group 2 VOC monitoring is continuously funded by Kentucky General Assembly for extending the coverage to the community/neighborhood monitoring that derived from and based on the phase 1’s efforts and outcomes.

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